Travel Wifi now offers new awesome products!

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For almost 3 years, Travel Wifi has been providing the best Internet solution in France (and now everywhere in Europe, see this post) in terms of rates and data usage.

If you already tested our services, you do know that the Travel Wifi team is working hard to offer the best and smoothest user experience possible.
If not, you can see hundreads of (real, which is important to mention) customer reviews on our Ekomi, Facebook or Yelp Business page.

Well, Travel Wifi is always looking forward, and has now decided to offer new types of services: we called them”extras” (not ordinary right?!). We have tested then selected the very best quality/price of each product offered.

These extras can be selected on the last step of the booking process as you can see below on the right side:

[Travel Wifi] - extra items

[Travel Wifi] – extra items

Here are the products that we are now offering on our website:

1. Power Bank (rental)

This little guy will help you to extend the battery life of your Travel Wifi device (which is usually between 6 to 8 hours in use) and your own Smartphones and Tablets.

Travel Wifi Power Bank

Travel Wifi Power Bank

It will fit in your pocket/purse/bag so that you can carry it with you outside and never lost your wifi connection. With this Power Bank (2000 mAh), you’ll be able to charge your Travel Wifi device twice !
So, do not think twice and go for it!

2.Car Adaptor (rental)

This (very small) gadget can be plugged in any cigar lighter so that you can charge it continuoulsy via USB while driving your sports car/ SUV/motorcamp or bus!

Travel Wifi Car Adaptor

Travel Wifi Car Adaptor

It’s very convenient for people who will drive around France and Europe. With the Travel Wifi Car Adaptor, you’ll never get lost (by losing the Travel Wifi network and therefore your Waze or Maps connection because you forgot to fully charge it before leaving or if you have a really long car trip).

3.French Champagne Bottle

[Travel Wifi] French Champagne Bottle

[Travel Wifi] French Champagne Bottle

Travel Wifi has selected for you one of the finest French Champagne.

“Champagne Gerbaux uses traditional techniques, the hand-picked fruit of a small farm, new technologies and the inspiration of today’s sustainability and environmental practices. Blending modern and traditional practices our processes impose rigor, precision, and control during every stage until harvest. Our fruit is derived from hard work and a meticulous process. Our quality comes from our selection of the best grapes and production of the best blends reflective of our rich soil.”

4.French Caramel

Travel Wifi has selected for you the very best of the French Caramel. “Les Nicettes” is an authentic French “Artisan Caramélier” , located near Paris, in a city called “Clamart”.
Those amazing 16 pieces of Caramel box could be an awesome souvenir gift or even a delicious welcome treat. See by yourself (before tasting it):

Les Nicettes - Authentic French Caramel

Les Nicettes – Authentic French Caramel

You will be on vacations in France, this French Caramel box can be the first memorable culinary experience that you’ll have!

5.Paris Guided Tour

Mes Sorties Culture Logo

MesSortiesCulture is a website which enables everyone to easily find a guided tour (programmed and accessible to individuals), using simple search criteria: location, day of the week or date, time, topic, type of public accessibility.

You can select the “Mes Sorties Culture” item and get 5% value discount on your guided tour. Explanation: if you select 1 Mes Sorties Culture item, you’ll pay 25€ and get an extra 5% of value, meaning that you’ll get a total of 26.25€ credit which you’ll be able to use on their website here.


If you have any suggestions about other products that we should offer, feel free to contact us ( We are always looking for new awesome

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